This portal is the primary resource for the community of developers and users of the Linux operating system on Xtensa processors.

The Xtensa processor architecture is a configurable, extensible, and synthesizable 32-bit RISC processor core. Processor and SOC vendors can select from various processor options and even create customized instructions in addition to a base ISA to tailor the processor for a particular application.

To quickly get started building Linux from sources for Xtensa: the preferred approach is to clone the latest sources via GIT, as described in the Wiki pages and Buildroot Build Instructions.

  The Wiki project is a community effort to collect information and documentation about Linux on Xtensa processors. Developers can also find instructions for building the kernel and development tools.
  This is the web interface for the mailman list server. It handles subscriptions to project mailing lists and also provides an archive of the lists.
  Support for the Xtensa architecture has already been integrated in most Open Source software projects, and fixes and other patches are managed in those project repositories.

Additional development repositories and projects that haven't included support for Xtensa can be found in GIT repositories hosted on github.

The information or software, including but not limited to the scripts, tools, and utilities contained on this project pages are presented without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. Users must take full responsibility for the use of information or software contained herein.

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